Hello! My name is Armando and welcome to my blog—The Third Adventures.

I am an Information Technology graduate who loves traveling, blogging, photography and video production.

How It Started

I discovered my love for travel back in 2010 when I first traveled to Hong Kong with my family for a vacation. Back then, I experienced a handful of firsts—my first plane ride, my first international travel, my first visit to a Disneyland, my first time losing my phone at the airport and getting mobbed by aviation security, and many others. (Read: My First International Trip To Hong Kong) The trip became remarkable for me since it was my first time traveling outside the Philippines and because I had encountered overwhelming and unexpected experiences. I realized the bliss that travel brings to me. Since then, I looked forward to our family trips outside the Philippines.

In 2011, our family made another out-of-the-country trip to Singapore. That year, I decided to start documenting my travel through video blogs. I taught myself how to create videos with the help of the internet and I posted the videos I made on my YouTube channel. This trip was also unforgettable because during the time that we were about to head back to our country, little did we know that our plane took off more than twelve hours ago! This was the second time around something unfortunate happened during our international trips. I noticed that some of the most hapless of events happen at the airport when we’re about to head home. Though unfortunate, these events are funny to look back at and allowed us to gain more experience when it comes to traveling. (Read: Singapore)

In 2013, I decided to post my travel photos on my Instagram account. Though I joined the photo-sharing app back in 2011, I focused on posting travel-related content as much as possible from 2013.

In 2014, my family and I traveled to Thailand. It was the country which introduced my tongue to food it will never forget. Because of that, I added “discovering food from different places” in my travel goals. Later on the same year, I decided to create my blog and bought the domain, http://www.thethirdadventures.com.

In January 2017, I had the idea to bring all my content—such as travel videos and travel photos—from different social media platforms to my blog and I decided to revamp it.

My Goal

Now that I have graduated from college, I aim to travel as much as I can to discover more places, meet new people, taste delicious food and to experience diverse cultures. This way, I would be able to share my experiences, my where-to’s, and my budget-friendly travel tips to my fellow travelers.

On A Final Note

I hope to influence and inspire others to follow their hearts and to do what they love as to what I did with my passion for travel through my blog.

It is also important to remember that there is a time for everything. Because of time restraints, I thought I wouldn’t be able to focus on my travel escapades and blogging—until now.