Pandacups Milktea House 🐼

The cutest and the newest milktea house in Naga City is here! From its minimalist interior to its variety and presentation of drinks, there certainly is a lot to love about Pandacups! (Just like how much we love those fluffy and huggable pandas!)

The Place

Pandacups Milktea House is located at the 2nd Floor of Star C Building, Kayangga Street (beside Quickstop Cafe), along the heart and life of food trips in Naga City—Magsaysay Avenue.

The ambiance of the place is cozy, great for get-togethers with family and friends. The place is spacious enough to accommodate and seat around twenty customers at the same time. The big white walls are painted black with pandas of different artistic styles and the interior is decorated with hanging lights and huge mirrors—perfect for that well-lit selfie together with their drinks!

The Drinks

There are six different kinds of drinks to choose from: they have milktea, rock salt and cheese, cream puff, cream cheese, specialty drinks and fruit teas. Most of their milktea drinks are served with—wait for it—cotton candy on top! (Yes you read that right!)

For my visit with my friends, we ordered some of the shop’s signature drinks such as the Black Panda Taho, Panda Milk Tea, and Wintermelon Milk Tea. Other must-try singature drinks are Rock Salt Cocoa Milk Tea, Cream Puff Wintermelon Milk Tea, Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea (my personal favorite), Green Apple Fruit Tea and Lychee Fruit Tea.

Their cups are also one of a kind. They’re not the usual plastic cups we see used by other milktea shops in Naga City. The shape and feel are adorable which really suit the inspiration of the shop—pandas!

When it comes to taste, the drinks my friends and I have tried so far are all delicious! To describe them, they are all familiar to the tongue but they certainly have a stronger and more wonderful taste of tea. The black pearls are soft and very easy to chew. It’s one of the best black pearls in milktea shops I have ever tried! After one drink, you’ll surely want to have more!

On a Final Note

Pandacups Milktea House is surely a new place to visit in Naga City that offers drinks that are familiar to us but definitely with a flavorful and aesthetic twist. They have a unique way of presenting their delicious and must-try variety of drinks, perfect for the picture-perfect photo in a picture-perfect interior.

Hours: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM (Monday to Sunday)

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