DICE Boardgame Cafe 🎲

Ever wondered what you can do besides sip different variants of coffee or eat snacks at a café? Many things can come to mind but if you’re a coffee lover who loves to play board games, then DICE Boardgame Cafe is the place for you.

The Place

DICE Boardgame Cafe is located along Magsaysay Avenue in Naga City, Camarines Sur. Many establishments such as restaurants and coffee shops can be found along Magsaysay Avenue but only one cafe offers board games for customers to play while having their meal.

20170405_194349 copy

The cafe is a two-storey building. Seating can be found at the two floors occupied by the cafe. The shelf of the board games can be found on the first floor, along with the counter, and where the drinks are made while the kitchen can be found on the second floor.

Rules of the Game

Just like in the board games found at the cafe, the place also has its rules when you play inside. To fully enjoy your experience at the cafe, be sure to observe these rules:

  • Order one food or drink per player.
  • Only one board game per table.
  • Handle game components with care.
  • Ask their service crew for assistance.
  • Be nice to other players.
  • Don’t leave kids unattended.
  • No sore losers allowed.

Game Masters

The waiters of the cafe are called “game masters”. Besides taking your order and serving them, they are also the ones who will give you board game recommendations according to your preference and the number of your group. They know each and every board game at the cafe so they can help you play the board game of your choice, most especially if you are not familiar with it. Upon request, the game masters can also become players.

Tip: If it’s your first time playing a board game, don’t expect to win playing with a game master, unless you yourself is a master of the game or you have beginner’s luck. 😉

The Menu

For their food, the cafe offers snacks, burgers, hotdog sandwiches, pasta, and rice meals. They also serve desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. For their drinks, they offer different beverages from carbonated drinks to different variants of coffee.

For my visit, I ordered their Potato Wedges served with mayo for starters. My friend and I also ordered Tomato Pesto Parmesan—pasta in tomato sauce topped with crunchy chicken fingers, and parmesan cheese, and Tuna Pesto—pasta in pasta sauce, tuna, and parmesan cheese. For dessert, each of us got vanilla and chocolate ice cream—on the house. (Special thanks to Mr. Galvante for the dessert.)

To give you an idea of how much it would cost you to try their delicious offerings, below is a list of price ranges:

  • Starters (PHP 110.00 – PHP 180.00)
  • Burgers (PHP 180.00 – PHP 220.00)
  • Hotdog Sandwiches (PHP 145.00 – PHP 170.00)
  • Pastas (PHP 150.00)
  • Rice Meals
  • Desserts

The Coffee Master

Besides being a game master, Mr. Gjunollie Galvante is also the cafe’s master coffee maker. When he’s not teaching customers how to play the board games, he will be the very first one to welcome you at the cafe. You will see him behind the counter making delicious drinks or making his amazing coffee masterpieces.

20170405_211116 copy

He is very passionate with coffee-making, turning every cup it into a delicious work of art. He loves to share his beautiful coffee masterpieces on social media such as Instagram. You may view them by visiting his Instagram page here.

On A Final Note

DICE Boardgame Cafe is the only board game-themed cafe in Naga City which serves delicious meals, snacks, and drinks to accompany your board game experience. If you love the idea of coffee and board games, then this cafe is a must-visit for you.

Hours: 2:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Contact Number: (054) 881 8336

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