Aguirangan Island 🏝

Summer is just around the corner, so is the island of Aguirangan. From my home-city—Naga City in Camarines Sur—this could be the closest beach to visit that has white sand, clear waters, and breath-taking views.

The Place

Aguirangan is an island found in Camarines Sur. The island measures around at 1.5 hectares which is surrounded by clear and cool water. The island has four different sides—the first is the front side which has the pure white sand; the second is the left side where visible corals can be found; the third side is the right side where beautiful rock formations along the shore can be found; the final side is the side I failed to visit. You can swim on all the sides of the island as long as to be careful for sea urchins at a certain depth. My friends and I swam mostly by the beach front with the pure sand and visited the right side of the island for some photos of the view.

The center of the island is made up of trees. At night, it is perfect to build a campfire and bond with the people you are with.  For campers, you can bring tents and camping equipment for you can sleep on the island overnight. If you don’t want to sleep at a tent, there is a nearby hotel across the island called Aguirangan View Beach Hotel found at the municipality of Presentacion.

The island can be described as serene, beautiful, and breath taking. You can swim, snorkel, and relax. For our trip, I brought a volleyball so we had the opportunity to play beach volleyball and dodgeball.

How to get there

In Naga City, go to the Van Terminal near SM City Naga. Look for vans bound for Sabang, San Jose. The trip will take about forty five minutes to an hour. The van will stop by the Sabang Port where you will have to ride a boat. From the port, you will have to travel for 40 minutes to an hour to get to Aguirangan Island.

When we traveled to the island, we were around twenty people so we were able to occupy one van. We were also able to rent two boats—ten people for each boat. We brought home-cooked meals as well as drinks. If you want to grill fresh fish, they are available from vendors near the Sabang Port. Don’t forget to buy charcoal as well for that traditional island grilling.

Tip: It’s best that you travel with family or friends so that you can split the expenses and pay less. 


Van – PHP100.00 (One way)
Boat – PHP1000.00 (Round trip rent)
Island Entrance Fee – PHP 25.00
Cottage – PHP350.00

I calculated my expenses and came up with PHP350.00, excluding the snacks I brought and my contribution for the fish we grilled on the island. So if you’re travelling to Aguirangan with at least ten members, you won’t be spending more than PHP500.00.

On A Final Note

Aguirangan Island is a beautiful island that has white sand, beautiful rock formations, and clear turquoise water.  So if you and your group are looking for an island to visit in Camarines Sur, be sure to have Aguirangan Island on your list.

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